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The Other Ed
I apologize for not reading every post to see if I'm duplicating effort, but there are a large number of songs I'd love to hear Rhonda and the Rage do.

However, if I were narrow it down to two songs, I would love to hear Rhonda and the Rage do a couple of songs by Charlie Waller and the Country Gentlemen.  Billy Yates' tribute brought them back into my most recent memories.

I would love to hear Redwood Hill and Secret of the Waterfall. 

Rhonda , will you be recording any songs that you wrote on this project?
I always love your songs and Connie Leigh's. Connie's are always great as well ...hope there will be a Connie song on there too. 

I hope there will be another live DVD in the future as well.

       Sorry for taking so long to reply to this post.  I would love for you to hear "Haven of Mercy" (Laurie Lewis/Spruce and Maple Music,ASCAP).   It sounds to me like it was written for you to sing.  Recorded  on Birdsongs and on Earth and Sky;  Songs of Laurie Lewis.  Just to get your attention, here are the lyrics; of course, you'll need to add your own twist with an original arrangement: 

     At the end of just another day, that's when I miss her most.
     When her memories gather 'round me like old familiar ghosts,
     And then high above this rocky coast, there's a place that I can go
     To heal the wounds of a heartache, and soothe a lovesick soul. 

Chorus:  I can hear the angels singing, and I feel nearer, my God to thee,
            As I watch the sun sinking below me in the sea. 
            The tall trees gather 'round me, whispering, "Pilgrim, welcome home"
            Sweet haven of mercy, sweet peace for my soul. 

     The hawk hangs above me, the raven glides below,
     The quail has found a hiding place in the woods, so dark and low.
     And I'm like a tiny sparrow who's found a place to nest
     At the very gates of heaven, my haven of rest.

Don A
Rhonda, just sent one your way, on your email.
Have a great day. 
Kim From MO
I love XM14!  I heard a song this morning and thought of the other great A Capella songs that you and the Rage have recorded, this one just sounded like an RVR song to me--I'm Working On a Road to Gloryland, a Flatt & Scruggs song.  Very upbeat and great harmony. 

Kim from MO

Rhonda I have a Great song idea "Almost Heaven WV"


This one's a long shot to do, but I was playing the "Buddy Holly" CD today, and I thought of the song, "Words of Love".  The Beatles did a great cover version of this song in '64. 

Rhonda, here are some or Dollys'' songs that I would love to here you sing.

I'm Gone
My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy
The Seeker
and I would dearly love to here you sing one of my favorite Gospel songs
'' Clinging To A Saving Hand''
Dwight Bevan
i would really like to hear a bluegrass version of the Rehtt Davis song I am the eagle . I think it is the most beautiful song ever written
Chuck Wright

I gave a CD to Julia at Sally Mtn this last July by The Wright Choice. There's a song on the CD entitled " In My Mother's Arms " I think this would be a perfect song for you and your new project,Rhonda. I know how much you love your Mom, as we all do.  Chuck

Hiya Rhonda,
I think a Connie Smith song would really suit your gorgeous voice.Also maybe a Buck Owens song or a George Jones classic

Can't wait for this new album.
Love ya Rhonda!
Hey Rhonda,

I was just listening to some random songs and came across a song I used to listen to all the time by Martina McBride called Reluctant Daughter.  It's such a beautiful song.  Anyway, I thought I'd throw that one in the pile.

Here's a link to the lyrics:


P.S. Louise, I just noticed that you suggested Kitty Wells' "Makin' Believe" on the first page of posts.  I apologize for not seeing that earlier when I posted the same song idea.  You are right.  It's an absolutely beautiful song!
We recorded 6 songs......6 more to go.

Thanks to the many suggestions, and for those who have shared their original songs.

A truck driver pulled up by the bus; and motioned for Yogi to pull over.
When he did, the man handed him a cd of a truck drivin song he has written, with a personal message that was very sweet.

Keep those suggestions coming in.  We will soon select the final six; and I can't wait to start singing the new songs.

WOW....29 career projects.  That's roughly 325 songs.
No wonder I can't remember the words to the songs these days. 

John S
Due to too much fun and excitement at the Pumpkin Festival in Milton, WV yesterday ... and to be honest, way to much 'snacking' ... I am up with an old fashioned belly ache 
On our travels to and from yesterday, I played a variety of CD's and thought about this thread. I really like the song Rank Stranger written by Albert Brumley, and The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me by Dottie Rambo. 
Rank Stranger seems to be a staple of may bluegrass bands, and The Holy Hills has some of the most amazing harmonies (not to mention the message it contains)coming or going. Either song, given the Rhonda Vincent treatment and sound would be off the hook awesome
Now it is time for Pepto, maybe some saltine crackers, and soda pop to help this old stomach ... 
John S
The Ol' Dawg

Another Connie Smith "classic" to consider, if you are so inclined - "Burnin' A Hole In My Mind".

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