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Yeah, a great gospel duet would be awesome Have you thought about inviting Daryle Singletary and doing a great rendition of "The Old Rugged Cross" *closes eyes and imagines* (Yea..that's another word for daydreaming

Greetz from a misty and rainy Netherlands


I was listenin to the radio the other day and I heard a song that sounded like you--*apartment number 9*! It would be a great duet with a female!

Coat of many colors by Dolly. Or have I heard you do that at one of your shows already?


There have been a lot of really good suggestions, but I'll add a few more any way:

George Jones
"A Picture of Me Without You"
"The Grand Tour"
"I'll Be Your Stepping Stone"
"The Race is On"
"When the Grass Grows Over Me"

Tammy Wynette
"Apartment #9"
"Stand by Your Man"
"Till I Can Make it On My Own"
"Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad"

"Today All Over Again" -- Reba (beat Darrin to it)
"Angel Band" -- Stanley Brothers
"If That Isn't Love" -- Dottie Rambo


I think a great song for you would be an old Hank Snow Song Golden River .


I like to suggest lovely Gillian Welch song "Dear Someone".

Looking forward to the new CD!


Umm..Hi Rhonda,

Not so much of an idea for another song/recording, but have you thought about making a world tour, record an album (live!) together with musicians/singers/singersongwriters across the world? Might be a good idea, visiting the countries that have roots with countrymusic / instruments... Ireland, UK, Germany, Czechslowakia (dobro) etc. etc. And umm...if you DO visit Europe, don't you dare skipping The Netherlands

In each of these countries there are lots of very talented musicians, and most USA ever withness are the faces that are native to the country. I think we need to try and spread country past the US borders. I know for one that Rounder has a subsidiary in WageningenNetherlands. If you need help in this, just tell me. I'm sure willing to volunteer

All have a great weekend!



The Roses in the Snow album is one of my all time favorites. How about "I'll go Stepping Too" and the tiltle track as well.

I have heard a song that is a really tasty. There are some great chops and fun lyrics. I think it would be a great addition to your next recording. The artist is Thia Ziel. The name of the song is "Life's a Peach" and the title song/cd is "Dig". She put out the cd then vanished off the radar. There were great players involved on her recording. Jeffrey Lesser produced it and she was backed up by 3/5ths of Railroad Earth. If anybody wants to hear it and post whether its worthy let me know.
John Braxton

I liked Earl Thomas Connelly and Emmy Lou Harris singing together.

Sara Houston

We believe in happy endings, ETC and Emmy Lou.

Jim Brown

We Believe in Happy Endings, ETC & Emmy Lou

Ronnie Moretz
How about  Good Morning Country Rain,  I know you recorded on an earlier Rebel release I believe, but I heard you do it with your folks on tv on the show recorded at the stomping grounds in maggie valley
The song I like to see on the new release is a song I heard Rhonda sing with Rebecca Lynn Howard called The Angels Rejoiced
Pamela (Irish Fan)
I agree Billy!
I love their performance of that lovely song...
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