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Charles Flanary
Good morning Rhonda & Herby,Sally & Tensel,Johnny & Carolyn,Kenny & Kaye,Mickey & Crystal,Darrell & Amanda,Hunter,Yogi & Barbara,Julia & Richard and Rager friends everywhere.Well I'm back,got in around 7:00 pm yesterday.What a week I had,went to Flemingsburg,KY first and saw two great shows by RV&R and then spent three days in the state of Virginia and wound up in Franklin,KY for a very good Festival with the Williams & Clark Expedition and of course two great shows with RV&R and two great shows by Dailey & Vincent and Carolyn was there and sang on both of Rhondas' sets.I got to meet Mike Brown and Mike don't forget to send me those pictures.It was a great week.Now i'm back home and i think i'm going to have to mow again because we got some rain while we were gone.I guess Starvy Creek is the next venture in a week and a half.Bluegrassin is wonderful.
  Charles{Head of Rageland Security}
Tom Alman
Good morning Charles!!!

Mike B
Good morning Charles & Tom!
Charles - I don't have the words to express how happy I was to finally meet you this weekend.  You may not realize it, but your thoughtful messages and e-cards helped me get through the darkest days of my life.  A little kindness goes a long way!
I will send your pictures as soon as I can find my USB cable.  It isn't where I left it, but my kids don't seem to know anything about it!
Speaking of meeting folks this weekend, it sure was nice to meet and visit with Carolyn Vincent on Friday.  What a sweetheart!  It's not hard to see where the Queen gets her good looks and charm from!!!
Y'all have a GREAT day and I will see you down the road.


Charles would like to see you again but I don't know when. Sweetie can't ride in a car for any distance now with her back like it is. She has her electric wheel chair to get around in because her legs are so weak. I also enjoyed all the message that you sent to me during all the problems I was having with Sweetie. They cheered me up from the lows that I was in. Thanks Charles for being a FRIEND through all my problems.

Welcome back Charles and Mike ...you were missed ...so glad you both had such a great time.

Good Afternoon Tm....and to everyone.

It was great to see Charles and Mike B at Franklin (and Mary C and Jim, Julia, ~Debbie, Rockin Robin and Marcus, Brie, and everyone else who braved the weather!) Glad to know you all made it home okay!

It was a wonderful weekend and as usual, W&C and the rest of Simpson County really worked hard to make it a success!  Thanks to all of them for my 3rd straight amazing Franklin experience!  Every band was top notch and well worth the admission price (with the Queen in a BEAUTIFUL gold dress that the Ragin' Security Team will be talking about for years to come
!)  I hope everyone who attended this year will invite a friend for next year's festival! (I know I will!)

Not sure when I'll see you all again--but I know it'll be soon!



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