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Mark Morrison
Rhonda and the Rage,
Once again you had two spectacular shows.  Thank you for the time you spent with our granddaughter Paityn (Your youngest fan club member) and for your mom Carolyn for the time she spent holding her and visiting with us.  It made the trip from KC so worth it.
We look forward to seeing you at Starvey Creek in a couple of weeks and know that Paityn will be so glag to see you again.

Thanks again for the time you spend with your fans and the smile that you put on Paityn's face.
I second the report on Claremores great concerts, They were the best!

Even though you had to fight bugs! Buy the way you all probably know it but Deet in bug spray will ruin the finish on instruments in a hurry!

 I just found that out! I had thought I might send you a case of bug spray but maybe a flyswatter will have to work.
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