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Hey Rhonda! Can't wait to see you at Dollywood this weekend! Will definately be there for both shows on Saturday. Here's a few requests:

*Lonesome Wind Blues
*Hit Parade of Love (you can dedicate it to me, if you like!) lol
*Roses In The Snow

See you Saturday!
Hi Justin..... I just now saw your post.

I'm so sorry I didnt' see this before, so we could do your requests.

Next time, write them on a paper, and slide the paper on the stage by my microphone so I will see it, and we can do your requests.

Also, my apologies to a lady that was in Chattanooga last night.

She wrote me a very nice letter....AND she got married on Friday at 1pm.

I had all  good intentions of recognizing her and her new husband.

But as we got into the show, I didn't remember.

And if you read this message....in response to your question...
YES...I do remember you; and I thank you for the coat you gave me a few years. I still have it.

I wish you and your husband the very best in your new marriage.

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