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Connie Leigh
The farmer and I don't go to a lot of movies; mainly because they are usually full of filth and bad language or violence. But there is a new movie out that we went to see last night, and it was a great movie.
It is called "Fireproof."
It focuses on a couple ready to end their marriage in divorce. I would rate the movie a 5 out of 5. It had such strong points in it.
Has anyone else went to see it?

I haven't seen it but I really want to.  I think it's by the producers of the movie "Facing the Giants" and it is one of my very favorite movies.  I always try to support all the Christian movies because I know the theaters take a chance by showing them.  Another good one was "Amazing Grace".  You need to check that one out too.

Thanks Connie! I don't go to movies either so hadn't heard of this movie. I just watched the preview on the movie's website and now I want to see it!

Sheila and I went to see Fireproof on Monday night even though we hardly ever go to movies.   I really enjoyed it and thought it contained some valuable lessons.  I would highly recommend it.  It made me want to do more for my sweet wife so the next day when she asked me to check her oil I was glad to oblige.  Now I'm not much of a mechanic so after about 30 minutes I walked back into the house and said " Honey I can't find the dipstick" to which she replied "I guess it went to Washington D.C. to join the rest of them."    (disclaimer: This joke idea was borrowed from Gold Wing Express)  Have a great day and go Mountaineers!!! Farrell

Mr. Zoom
I've heard good things about it on a Catholic singles website I belong to.  I am planning to see it tomorrow, while I am up in Pittsburgh for a square dance.
Mr. Zoom

I agree, "Amazing Grace" was excellent.  I made a special trip up to Greensburg, PA (2 hour drive each way) when it was in theaters to see it.

I'm not sure I'd classify that one as a "Christian movie" in the strict sense of being made by and for Christians.  While it certainly had strong Christian themes, it was directed by a former James Bond director, Michael Apted.  Of course I have no idea of Mr. Apted's faith or lack thereof.  He's also directing the next Narnia movie.

Edward from WV
John S
In these days, it is such a blessing to have a good, wholesome, Christian movie make a national debut. So much out there is not worth the time or effort to see, let alone pay good money for. Not only does this apply to the visual arts, but also the musical world as well.

We as children of the Most High God want and need solid encouragement and dare I say entertainment that strengthens both the heart, soul and mind. We see too much ... we hear too much about worldly issues that it is nice to applaud a movie ... a CD ... an artist ... who makes the stand for the right cause and reason.

Enough said or I'll end up asking for an offering and  a chicken dinner

We are planning on seeing it with both of our parents tomorrow if I can get to feeling better. I have been wanting to see it as soon as I heard of it.  I love Kirk Cameron.  I heard he donated what he made to a church.  I can't remember what  church or if it is the one him and his family attend.

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