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Carol Cox
Anyone going to see Darrin and Jamie at  Nitro on the 18th? Julia, how about you? I am going with my sister, my son and daughter-in-law. We are planning to meet John S. and some of his friends at Cross Lanes at the Golden Corral for an early dinner before the show. Would love to have any of you join us!
Mom and me might come... I haven't really asked yet.
Mom, can we go to Nitro?

Hi Carol,

It's Family first next weekend. October 18th is my sister's 50th birthday and I'm driving to PA to spend the weekend with my family.
John S
Yes, Mam we are going!
I haven't been to too many bluegrass events beyond RVR shows (or shows where RVR is playing) and I hear that D&V put on one heck of an off the hook, totally killer show!!
I am bringing a buddy of mine (Steph says she only likes Rhonda's style of bluegrass ) and our new pastor and His wife who are big bluegrass fans.
Of course I am looking forward to a night of great music, but getting together for dinner with friends will be the highlight of the whole thing   ... good food, great music and fellowship with friends, what more could you ask for? 
Julia et al:

As you've probably already heard, Jamie and Darrin were treated and greeted like rock stars during all of IBMA weekend. Their set was one of the many highlights of Saturday night. What showmen, and what fantastic musicians! I would give a million dollars to be able to sing and play like that...

Seeing them is what I always imagined it must have been like to see a Flatt and Scruggs stage or TV show.

I look forward to seeing a whole show at Podunk or elsewhere in the New England area next year.

Dean the Boston Boy
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