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The Ol' Dawg

I've decided that workin' ain't near as much fun as Ragin'.

Need to figure out a way to get paid to go to Rage shows

for a livin' - Any suggestions, Prez ?    
















P.S. - The infamous Walhalla, SC "New Teeth" picture makes

its Ragin' Message Board debut on Friday mornin' !!!  

Mike Garlock
Good Morning Dawg & all Ragers Worldwide,

    Today begins a small break for the Queen and her mighty Men of Rage.  Kick back, take it easy and go shoppin'!  Herby won't mind a lil' bit were sure!  Mike G.
Tom Alman
Goodm mornin' Mike and Mike! What we need is a fan club bus to chase that blue bus around from show to show. I'd jump on for part of the tour! We can dream can't we?

Good Ragin day to you Mike , Mike G. and there is Tom too...thought you were sleepin'' late today.

Good Morning Rhonda ...hope you get plenty of R&R and enjoy your time at home.

Good Morning Everyone.
Mike G.

The horse just pulled up in front of the house for her long trip to Agent 86 country. After riding that far, I don't think she will want to shop.  If she does, 86 will work that right out of her.
Robert Hall
Good morning everyone!..Louise,I was worried about you,when you didn't post for so long!..glad your OK,and your family is on the mend..hope all goes well for you..

Good morning to the "Ol Dawg" and Tom,and all the other Ragers,and our beuatiful queen RHNDA!..hope she gets to relax awhile before going back to work,and enjoys some fall festivities..

It was a very nice weekend here weaherwise--cobalt blue sky,not a cloud in it both days,temps near 72 degrees,and the trees are in peak color here now,very breath-taking!..

But I was very sad yesterday, despite the glorious weather--I had hoped to go to Maine, to see a concert of another favorite female artist of mine,but there was no way I could do it..Second time I missed out on her concerts in a month!..

I haven't been able to make hardly any money lately at all thanks to my aching back,and no work to be done for anyone--evidently they are broke too,and dont want anything fixed..no one has called me in weeks ,but it's just as well,I cant do much anyway other than sit or lie in bed most of the time..been very difficult trying to do my daily chores..

I only have made half the cash I need to keep my car insured,bill is due in two days,so there was no way I could have gone--tickets for this show were costly,75 bucks!(and absolutely no refunds,if you were unable to go too)..and it's located far away in a secluded area,I wasn't up to that long a drive (150+ miles each way!) with my aching back anyway,even if I could have afforded to go....my last chance to see that artist till next March too..needless to say I'm not very happy about that..

The way things are going here,I probably wont get to see Rhonda next month in NH either..

There was all kinds of things to do here over the weekend--the Cranberry Festival in Wareham was yesterday,and many hayrides and haunted houses for halloween,and the usual fairs and fall foliage tours,etc..but I had no choice but to sit home, and listen to my neighbors dog bark all day and night,and their lwanmowers,leaf blowers,and kids dirt bikes..
I guess it wasn't missing the concert wasn't punishment enough..

I'm going to go see if that "free" wood stove and boiler tank I saw out in front of a house not far away yesterday is still there,I wasn't in my truck when I spotted them,or I'd have grabbed them!--so I have to go back and see if they have been taken yet..

I could use a better wood stove,I made mine from 55 gallon drums 10 years ago,and they will need replacing soon!..
I just hope my back will let me get them loaded if they are still there.I'll bring ramps and a hand truck..The stove is a real decent one with a blower fan on it,I bet someone snagged it already with my luck!..the boiler tank has copper pipes in it,so I'm going to VERY surprised of no "scrappers" haven't taken it already..I could use a few bucks,so I hope they are still there!..the sign said "FREE for copper,but must take BOTH!..
I bet someone takes the boiler and RUNS!..

Take care everyone,hope you all have a good week..

Agent 86

Waiting at the border, looking for the horse and rider!  Can't wait.  The dog sled team is eager and ready to head north.  This will be a changing day in her life.  Herby, she'll come back a changed person, and any new clothing, she will have made herself. 

Have a great COLD October day!

The Ol' Dawg

Now, hold on there, Y'all !!! Somebody point that hoss to the south, where it's nice and toasty, with the sun a shinin' and the birds a singin'. Down here, we treat ALL of our lovely women like "Queens" - So, it stands to reason that a REAL Queen would get treated even BETTER !!!  Let somebody else skin hides and make their own fur coats - That's what we've got STORES for. And Rhonda has often said that Atlanta has the BEST shoppin' !!!    

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