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I Hope You Have a Fantastic Day, Sweet Rhonda!!!!!!
Louise...May You Have a Great Day!!      --William
Good Morning William and Ragers Everywhere!

Don't forget that today is a federal holiday so don't drive to the bank or post office and find out that they are closed
Tom Alman
Happy morning Ragers! Louise we are hoping for good news for the family. Keep us posted! Keep Smilin' gang!!!

Good Morning William and Julia...thanks for the reminder Julia.

Good Morning to sleepy head Tm  ,Rhonda,  Lib, Robert , Charles, Don, Mike B, and to all the Ragers everywhere.

My sick ones are much better now, I hope all have a lovely Monday.

Tom Alman
There you are. I beat you  by a minute HEE! HEE!!!

Morning Tom, I thought you were sleepin'' in this morning . Thank you my friend. All are much better ...except for my Vickie. She had a few weeks of feeling good and even got to take a short trip with her husbands family .
I am so thankful to God that she got to do this.

Have a nice day. How is the weather where you're living ?
We are having cool mornings and days in the 80's still .
Tom Alman
Hi Louise! We are havinjg a short Indian summer. Today it will be up to 80 degrees, but tomorrow watch out LOL! But we expect anything this time of year up here. Don't look at the weather out in Montana and Idaho. That will come this way soon enough/ Lets plan on a trip to go see Lib, SOON LOL!!!


I love working for the STATE! (sometimes)   I really love the ANTICIPATION of the release date for the new CD

Good Afternoon All!!!

Tom-you just let me know when you and Louise will be here!  You should bring more Ragers too and then maybe we could talk Rhonda into coming too  

Hope you all have a blessed day!
Tom Alman
Hi Lib! We will have to do just that! Hope you are doing good Buddy!!!

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