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Charles Flanary
Good morning Rhonda & Herby,Sally & Tensel,Johnny & Carolyn,Kenny & Kaye,Mickey & Crystal,Darrell & Amanda,Hunter,Yogi & Barbara,Richard & Julia and all my Rager friends.Yes i'm back home,got in around 7:00pm last night from Norris,TN.We sure had a good time at the Muesum of Appalachia and it was great to see Chris Jo and Richard & Julia and Ed Gulliver(the cider man) and we had friends there from West VA and VA as well.Lots of bluegrass and Rhonda and the guys put on a great show as always.Have a great Tuesday and i'll see you in Springfield,IL next month.
  Charles{Head of Rageland Security}
Tom Alman
Good morning Charles!!!

Good Morning Charles ...glad you has such a great time and are home safe.

Good Morning TM and to all the Rager's.

Have a nice day ALL.

had a great time.  geeze

Mike B
Good afternoon Mr. Charles Flanary!  Good to have you back home on the MB.  You were missed!!!
Good afternoon Tom & Louise!
Tom Alman
Hi Mike! Great to wee your post. Hi to Lib Robert and all of our Ragin' family. Keep Smilin' everyone! Love ya all!!!

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