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Dean Eaton
Rhonda al:

I was browsing in one of my favorite Cambridge record stores the other day, looking for any Christmas bluegrass/or country CD's I might like.  So, I wound up buying  "Christmas Grass 2" because you, Darrin and Jaime were on it. And Sonya Isaacs. And Dolly Parton. And Bobby Osborne. AND Doyle Lawson, and Adam Steffey and Stuart Duncan (but then Stuart's on everything...) .

What a great CD! "Tennessee Christmas" is one of the greatest Christmas songs I've ever heard.

I don't know why songs that have nothing to do with how I actually grew up affect me so deeply. But this song, your "Christmas Time at Home", Patty Loveless' "Christmas Day at My House" and so many others make me ache for such simple things, many of which are gone now...

And don't get me started on "If We Make it Through December".

I babble. Anyone here who doesn't own "CG2" should get it. It's on Koch Records and it's wonderful.

Dean the "Can't Wait to Play More of Rhonda's Christmas Music" Man
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