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Congratulations to my dear friend Simonne Richard in 
Rogersville, New Brunswick  CANADA!!!

Today she launches her very own radio show.
And we can listen via the internet!!!!   

Below is the message her daughter sent via email. 
Thanks Simonne for playing BLUEGRASS MUSIC!!!!
All the best with the new show......

SENT: 11/3/08

Hi there,
I just wanted to share with you that my mother is starting a radio show.  It is going to be called Autobus Bluegrass. She is on Tuesday nights from 7pm to 9pm Atlantic Standard time.
You can hear the show at the web site http://www.ckma.ca.  You do need to have Microsoft Media Player to hear it. 
She and my aunt Flore will host the show and will be speaking mostly French but most of the music will be in English.  Tell all your friends.  I know you can call in to say hi but I don't have the telephone number.  You'll have to listen to her show.
It starts tomorrow night and I know she has quite the competition starting the same night as the US election, but if you have a minute and you want to show your support, they do record the number of hits they get on the internet.
Thank you all!

AWESOME!!!! Simonne is such a sweet lady! I can't wait to hear her show! Hopefully she will play some Rhonda Vincent & The Rage
This is fantastic!  Congratulations to Simonne on your new show!  I wish you great success with it.   I especially love the fact that it's in french.  My heritage is based upon Cajun French so I love the language very much.  This show will make me practice my french again.
Ok, I'm going to sound pretty ignorant here, but what is Atlantic Standard Time in relation to Central Standard Time?  Is it 2 hours behind Central Time?  I'm slightly confused. haha

I'm excited to check out the show!

I'm not sure Courtney, but the show is on now
That's even better!

Thanks Prez!

Ok this is crazy!  I clicked on the link and the first thing I saw was "La voix de l'Acadie d'ici!"  which roughly translates to "The Voice of the Acadiens here!".  I am a descendent of the Acadiens from that area!  Small world!

This station reminds me of the many Cajun music stations in Lafayette including some of KRVS' programs.  They speak french during their broadcasts which is so cool. 


Thanks for sharing this radio link with us!

Ok I need to calm down now.
Georgia Girl

Hoping to tune in soon!

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