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My nephews High School Football team is 8-1 with the last regular season game Friday Nov 7.  No matter the results we will have a play off game. However a win would move us up in the rankings!  The problem is the Prez will be at the game. It is rumored the Prez may be "BAD LUCK" for some teams. What do I do, make her stay in the car or play it by ear? 

Uncle Pen's Friend

I think Julia's luck might me changing.   I think she was cheering on the Phillies and Penn State is having a good year too.   I haven't kept up with the Steelers though.....   Her luck may be changing.


"Make her stay in the car?" I wouldn't let her near the premises!!! Don't take the chance. She's like a "black cat." Just look what she's done to the Pirates. Need any more reason?

Now wait a minute!!! Penn State is undefeated......The Phillies won....The Steelers are in first place and were winning their game last Sunday when I quit watching in the bus, they started losing after I left.....AND the past two weeks I have tuned into the WVU game on TV...both times they were losing by the time I turned the game on.....both times they started scoring as soon as I started watching and won both games! I'm thinking the best thing Susan would be if I would stay in the car until the Grizzlies start losing....THEN you can call me and I"ll come in and save the day

Hey Herby...who asked you anyway???
Mike Garlock

I heard a Rumor that Julia was moving back to PA.  That had you scared for a second didn't it Amy.  Mike G.


Susan did....




You're very welcome Susan. I hope you heed this advice. It is good and true. Honest and real.


Susan, if I were you, I'd send a limousine to pick up Julia and take her to the game.  When you're hot......you're hot!

Thanks Gary! I have been on a hot streak lately! Everyone start buying your Pirates World Series tickets for next year
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