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I was interested in  hearing how your nephews football team did Friday night? I know you told me the "black cat" was going to the game. I hope you took my advice and left her in the car!!!!

The Prez aka the "Black Cat" has long lasting curses. Just look at the Pirates. WVU is getting beat tonight at home against the Bearcats. Last but not least, I know she has been pulling for Penn St. They got beat today by the lowly Hawkeyes.

I spoke to the Mo. Highway Patrol today, and mentioned she may head this way for the Cardinals home opener this spring. They said they would have road blocks up on all roads leading into Mo.

I sure hope she didn't strike again on Friday night. I know they had an 8-1 record, and was pretty much blowing the competition away.

Let me know!!!!
Dear Herby! Don't think I won't delete you! I am stopping on my way to Laplata to buy my new Cardinals wardrobe! See ya tommorow in my Poolholes jersey!

So who won?

The "Black Cat" strikes again! Nicholas lost 28-14. Our quarterback was hurt within 4 minutes of the first quarter-dislocated finger! He was able to come back in, but played hurt. My nephew Matt who plays both OL and DL hurt his knee in the second quarter, but continued to play- in pain. While we did finish with a 8-2 record, and will be in the playoffs- we lost our home field advantage due to the "BLACK CAT" aka Julia!

Herb you were RIGHT AGAIN! I should have left her in the car! I have already informed her she is not invited to the playoff game!!!

Susan!! I wish to disagree with you and the ALWAYS WRONG Herby!! I think that it is your family's fault that my impressive streak has come to an end and now the Pirates won't win the world series next year!

Susan family has sat in the SAME seating order at ALL of this years games. This game was different! Susan noticed this way before the game started and pleaded with them to get in the seating arrangement that had put the grizzlies in the playoffs but they refused to move!!!! I am sorry but I can take full responsibility for the Pirates 16 years losing streak but refuse to be the blame for this!
OK Prez,

If you think it wasn't your fault for the HS game, how do you explain Penn St? How do you explain WVU?

I'm telling you Susan...the "Black Cat" has far reaching whiskers. Be aware of the "Black Cat" she may be coming to a town near you!!!
The Ol' Dawg

One question - Did it also rain at the Nicholas game ?  

That's an easy one Herb.....they only win when I'm watching them on TV. The past two weeks, at the point I turned the TV on to the WVU game, they were losing, once I started watching, it was all WVU the rest of the game. Same with Penn State. Pittsburgh was winning a couple of weeks ago when I was watching on the bus, almost immediately after I left to drive home, they started losing....yet last week I watched the game...they won. I was too busy working for the Queen to help WVU or Penn State yesterday
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