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Tom Alman
Where are all my Rager buddies this morning. I'm here all by my lonesome and no one to yack at LOL! We can't possibly sleep in all day LOL!!!

Hi Tom.....

Dear Herby and I are leaving the hotel, heading to the festival.

I'll be lookin for all the Ragers!!!  
Tom Alman
You are almost home today. Travel safe and have a great show tonight. We already know you will do a bang up job!

Good Morning Ragers!!!

Great shows in Springfield last night!! It was great seeing the Midwest Ragers!

It was a long drive from Springfield to LaPlata last night but we made it here a little after 3 am!! Another Ragin' concert today then that LONG drive back to WV.....Susan.....did we really plan this trip out???? Usually when we come the whole way to Kirksville.....we are then here a week to recover from the trip....but no we're heading home TODAY
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