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earl austin
We got home around 8:00 pm. last night from LaPlata without having deer antlers in the van's grill and enjoyed a nice homemade supper of Casey's pizza (Seriously for those unfamiliar with Casey's convenience stores, a lot of people we know who travel to a lot of places rate Casey's pizzas as one of the best of the "chain" places)

Seriously, good to get out to see Rhonda & the guys, Julia, Susan, Charles & Mary, Bud & Fran & everyone else there. As most of you know, Sherri's health is gradually deteriorating that other than doctors' appointments, we dont' make a lot of long-term or advanced travel plans even for day trips, let alone bluegrass festivals as well as my work schedule (with the economy I'm going to work all the OT I can get my hands on & spend it on the bills or making the house more liveable)

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