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Tom Alman
Good mornin' Mike!

Good Morning Mike and Tom ...have a nice day.

We had a rainy night in Tn...and a rainy day today and 90 percent for Fri.
I have a yard full of soggy leaves to rake.
Robert Hall
Good morning "Ol Dawg,Tom,and Louise!..and the rest of the Ragers too!..and our favorite Bluegrass Girl RHNDA and Dear Herbie out in AZ!..hope they finally got some sleep!..

I had a lot of soggy leaves to rake up too--but I cheated and used my riding mower to chop them into confetti once they dried out,then I fired up my home built leaf blower,that I made out of an old squirrel cage type fan,from an old hot air furnace I had to junk due to rust,(it used to heat my garage!)--it's powered by a 5 hp engine from a snow blower,that I put onto it--and I blew the remains of the leaves off the lawn, and back into the woods!..it works great,it's like a portable hurricane on wheels!..
(My neighbors don't like it though,they think I use it to blow the leaves into THEIR yard!--of course,I'd NEVER do that!

The high wind we had a few days later luckily blew the right way, and didn't blow them right back onto the lawn!..I did rake a lot of leaves too,that were closer to my garden,I raked them into the garden and will roto-till them into the soil for fertilizer..also may put some wood stove ashes in the garden too,then maybe next year I wont have total crop failure like I did this year..(provided I still LIVE here then,that is!.)

Today started off chilly,near freezing,and will hit 50 maybe for a high temperature,then rain is supposed to move in by dark..it's gray and gloomy at the moment,and COLD!..rain might linger until Saturday..

...last night I got a good laugh, when the sexy female weather girl on the news said we'd have a nice clear night, to see the
"Full Beaver Moon"...
...I heard a loud guffaw in the background of the news studio after she said that,and she started blushing..and she quickly added with a scowl, not THAT kind of Beaver!..
The whole news cast was nearly in tears,trying not to bust out laughing..she then quickly added "It's also known as the "Frost Moon" too!..it took awhile for the newscasters to regain their composure ,it was pretty funny..all through the rest of the newscast, they'ed look at each other,smirk, and try not to bust out laughing..

Anyone watch the awards show last night??.

I tried to watch the ACM awards last night,but fell asleep about 9:30,and awoke promptly at 11 PM ,the moment it was over!..
I HATE it when that happens!..darn daylight savings time,I fall asleep way too early now,then I cant sleep the rest of the night!.

I must be getting old,for I only knew about half of the performers,not having listened to the radio much any more, and many of the ones I do know ,I don't care much for..
I also never had any trouble staying awake,now I doze off much too easily...makes me think twice about driving at night any more... I cant see very good at night either any more,my night vision is pretty poor now..

I had no trouble keeping my eyes open when Carrie Underwood,Martina,Miranda Lambert,and some of the other lovely ladies of country music were performing and presenting awards though!--..but I must have missed Shania,I just saw her on the morning news, giving Kenny Chesney his "annual" award..she looked VERY nice!.Heidi Newfield was stunning as well,and Kellie Pickler did too..Taylor Swift's performance was a bit over the top if you ask me though,all those dancers overshadowed her,seemed too elaborate for a "country" awards show..

I did manage to stay awake long enough to see Brad Paisley do a 30 second "Tribute" to Jerry Reed..in my opinion,it was not what Jerry deserved,they should have at least spent a few minutes more on him, and showed some of his concert footage and his roles in the "Bandit" movies..sigh...I guess no matter how "good" you were,how quickly they forget..he deserved a longer tribute..this seems to be an ongoing trend on the awards shows,not taking much time to honor those who have passed away..

I heard on the radio this morning,that Nashville had a big power failure yesterday,one of their DJ's was there interviewing performers before the awards show,she said they may have had to use generator power to do the awards show!.. I've noticed the audio is usually not so great on the awards shows,last night was no exception..it kept cutting in and out,and was muffled during many performances..

There was a time I'd never miss watching the ACM's and CMA awards,but I forgot to watch the CMA awards this past spring,and didn't record it on VHS like I did for the last 20 years..and I felt I didn't miss much!!..one guy I know said he thinks "country" is changing too much,and it's no longer very "country"..he calls the CMA awards the "Country My A--" awards show!..cant say I disagree,a lot of the newer acts are more rock than country..

I told him I no longer feel too badly about missing those awards shows,because often they hand the awards to the most "popular", or "best selling" artists,NOT the ones with the most talent or vocal ability..and the fact it seems the same ones win year after year.. If Rhonda and my other favorites aren't part of the show,I don't feel too bad about missing them any more!.

Well enough rambling from me,time to get another cup of coffee,pry my eyes open the rest of the way,and see what trouble I can get into today doing my chores..and try not to brood over the fact it's 14 years ago today,that my friend Randy passed on..

Take care and God bless, everyone..
Rhonda,I hope you have a great time and safe travels out west!..


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