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Dear Herby
Studying Herb's Book on "How To Be A Good Wife" Volume II

5:30am - Cooking Herb's Breakfast

6:00am - Washing Dishes After Breakfast

6:30am - General Clean Up

6:45am - Daylight has broke

7:00am - Rhonda finally gets on the horse to fetch game for supper.
Two jack rabbits are on the menu for tonight, with creme de rattlesnake brulee for dessert

9:00am - Job complete, game captured and cleaned; horse fed and watered, now it's time to clean up after her horse.

Any questions ladies???????      
Tom Alman
She don't look as pooped out as you did after carrying that luggage! And I ain't no lady!


herb you better start running she might be mad!!   he, he ,  lol !


Rhonda seems to sling "stuff" about as good as you do Herby!!


Is this the Katie from California that I bought dinner for at the Ritz one night? If so, you should be here in Wickenburg. This might be as close as I get to the left coast. Would be a great time for a class for you, since you missed the one at Sally Mountain. It's normally a 2 week course, but I could condense it down just for you!!!!! The 3 day course is a little more rigorous, but the muscle soreness will subside in a couple of weeks.
Yes, the same Katie, except I am now in the Northwest Left Coast.... the one who's husband was eating bon-bon's while I managed to prepare and sell a house by myself. I do appreciate how thoughtful you are in offering your condensed course.... at a price, I"m sure. The sore muscles are already in place at our new home.... 6 acres of Oh My God.... look at all stuff that needs to be weeded, planted, ripped out, etc. The airplane mechanic works nights, and I work days, so I'm assuming that according to the rules in your new and improved study guide, since I will have at least 2 hours of daylight when I get home from work, no lolly gagging.... just get it done!
Nice thought, but nnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!
The Ol' Dawg

The Queen looks like she's kinda "frazzled" in these pics, but, dudn't her "new teeth" look nice ?  I do think, Herb, that you should also "school" Your Lovin' Wife in the fine art of wearin' one of those very practical and very STYLISH hair nets, while she's preparin' your breakfast. After all, NOBODY wants to find a hair in their food - ESPECIALLY a long bleach blonde one !!!  And, although I ain't a lady - I have a question. Is that horse sh*t or Herb sh*t on the end of Queen's shovel ? It looks like a "He-Man" sized dump to me, and, we all KNOW that you would be kind and considerate enough to "drop the load" in big ol' balls, in order to help Her out, by makin' it a little easier for Her to shovel . Good thang you have Her shovelin' it up so quickly - Y'all don't want the place to be infested with those pesky ol' "tumble turd" beetles while you're there !!!    

I dont normally reply but that has to be the funniest post of the year.

I thought that might be you. It's good to hear from you. Was the move worth it? Hubby making big bucks. Once you get the house and grounds in shape, you'll be able to relax, and just cook and clean. Life always get's easier with time.

Dawg, Of course this that wasn't mine. Too green. Too much alfalfa hay involved. And yes, that's staight from the horses &*#. Yuck.... time to clean this up. Next comment please.
Well this post is going downhill fast! I'm glad I didn't wait til breakfast time to read it.
Sweet Brenda & Sandy

Rhonda you will NOT be mistreated in Vegas. We just got off the phone with "CHIP & DALE" they are waiting at the spa for the Queen & her court. Nothin' but rest & relaxation for 4 days!

Dianne In VA

Rhonda, you're just going to have to come here and let me take you out for a ride on one of our ATV's.  NO poop to scoop!           

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