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Good Morning!!!

Even with the fiasco and exhaustion of getting to our hotel last night, I still stayed up very late watching Law & Order;
with the hope of sleeping in today.

After all, I'm on vacation today. No work till tomorrow. It's the perfect day to get rested up.

But NO....Dr "Jilted" Jekyll transformed into Mr. "Happy" Hyde this morning; and decides to "let the sun shine in" at 6:30am!!!!    Ugh. 

Then LOUDLY gets on the phone and orders breakfast.

Clicks on the TV watching MORE SPORTS!!  

Needless to say....I'm awake, with very little sleep.

But remembering those special lyrics....."You loving smile each morning...."

I'm awake, showered, and ready to greet the day.

Hopefully we can get to Wickenburg; Dear Herby will sprint to the golf course, and I will spend the day at the SPA!!  

So....Herby is playing golf and you're relaxing at the spa all day....does that mean I have the day off???
Tom Alman
Hi Rhonda! Wish we could be out there with you to enjoy the warm weather. Travel safe and don't let that Herby get to you. Just tell him that shopping is good therapy  LOL! Thats what my wife tells me!!!

Hey Rhonda!

Glad you and Herb made it safely! The gang and I will be on our way to Arizona, early in the mornin'! We cant wait to see ya'll!!

Hmm.. that makes me wonder... Charlie K, is carrying baggage included as part of us going with you? Im sure it could be a long walk to Wickenburg.. if it isnt.. lol.

Charlie K

It'll be a long walk to Wickenburg all right ... as I drive away in my rental car. I've been reading "Dear Herby " regularly and I know just how to handle situations like this. 

lol, Charlie K!

I think we have you out numbered..

And there has to be something in that silly book that says it doesn't apply to the unmarried and free!

See ya soon!
Charlie K

Hey Everyone... I have two tickets available for anyone willing to carry their own bags .....and mine too!

Mark Buonassissi
Dearest Rhonda and Ragers, Welcome to Arizona!

Sosososo happy you are here, the weather is perfect for Herb to hit that little white ball, as I pine to. So glad all of you are here, and thank all of you
for driving and flying and however you are arriving here, thank all of
you for your efforts as well.. You will find that there are some fine people here.

I have never met Rhonda, and never heard Rhonda and the Rage live. I get to do both on Saturday, and this is all going on, 1 hour from my front door.

God is so good, I am praying for everyone's safety to and from this incredible
rare opportunity, to hear the best there ever has been, and to say hello to
everyone that will be there....I look forward to playing with other musicians
that will be there too!! Take care everyone, see you in Wickenburg..=)

Mark Buonassissi
Sweet Brenda
I can't wait to see what is going to happen on our trip next week.
Mark, you are in for a treat.
Maybe I'll see you there.

What instrument do you play?
Mark Buonassissi
Dear Julie,

I play the guitar, acoustic, electric, anything with strings, piano too. 

I started surfing and playing the guitar on the same day at age 10.
I am excited to meet everyone I can there, and play some music too...

Now I can add your name to the list of people I would like to meet, see you there on Saturday. Do you play as well Julie? I am hoping there will be lots of people to play and sing music with, and of course topping the night off with a listen to the Queen, center seat, 3 rows back, I just don't think that tomorrow could get any better. But you never know huh?

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