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Just 26 more days until Rhonda Vincent and the Rage come to Wickenburg, Arizona for the 4 Corners Bluegrass Festival.  Rhonda will be performing in the beautiful performing arts center in Wickenburg on November 14 and November 15 @ 7:30PM.  She will also appear at the festival on the 15th at 3PM.  Ya all come out Wickenburg Way! http://www.delewebbcenter.org

Charlie K

Thanks for the invite, Cathy. I'll be there.


Great Charley K.  Bring your friends.  Cathy

Charlie K

I'm bringing two.. or they're bringing me, I'm not sure which.

Charlie K

Also we will be attending both shows at the performing arts center and, of course we'll be at the festival too. See ya there!

That's great Charlie!!

I'm looking forward to the trip.....

Dear Herby has promised to take me on a special drive while we're there.

I hope it isn't to one of those "Betty something??" places.  
Charlie K

Be careful, could be the Vulture Mine , the reason Wickenburg is there to begin with.

I can't wait for Wickenberg. The weather is cold and rainy here in Missouri. No golf. No fishing.

I'll be leaving right after LaPlata, Mo. on Monday with the Queen in tow. We'll be staying in Wickenberg on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I'm bringing my clubs with me. The local golf pro here in Kirksville is taking his wife, and coming out also. I'm taking the Queen horse back riding. After the mule ride to Canada, she should be saddle ready.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!!!!!!
                          Only 1 more Day (and 10 mins)  

Rhonda in Phoenix
Uh...Herby....just quietly head to the golf course in the morning.

My only plan is to SLEEP IN!!!!    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

You can sleep, eat, take a stroll through the desert to the spa.  You are staying in a historic guest ranch surrounded by 20,000, with 100 horses and for Herb one of the best golf courses in Arizona.  Travel safely to Wickenburg.

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