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The Ol' Dawg

Well, Y'all - I think it's safe to say that the Ol' Dawg has been hangin' 'round the Queendom for quite some time. My first Rage shows saw the band with the line-up of Rhonda, Audie Blaylock, Tom Adams, Michael Cleveland, and Rob Baker - So, I guess, with the exception of Queen, I have pre-dated the line-ups and members since. I have supported every band member before, as I will every band member to come. The word "replace" is an unfair one, as each band member has "brought sumpthin' different to the table", as it relates to the Rage. Each member has performed admirably, and, there's no reason to think that it won't continue, as we head into the future. It is with GREAT sadness, in my case, to see the departure of Kenny Ingram from the Rage. The word "legendary" is tossed around rather loosely these days, but, in Kenny's case, it is 100 % appropriate. Lester "knew" - So did Jimmy - And Rhonda has known for the last several years. I'm sure that somebody will step into the banjo position with the Rage and do an ouststanding job. "The Big K" certainly cannot be "replaced" - And, I'm sure that the new banjo player, whoever it might be, would not be presumptious enough to believe that, and will do his (or, her) part to create a new "legacy" with the Rage. More than bein' a great picker, Kenny is also a great friend. I love Kenny and Kaye like my own family - They are two of the finest people that I ever met in my life. I hope that this doesn't spell another "hibernation" for Kenny and his professional career - He has too much talent to offer to Bluegrass folks everywhere.


Kenny, buddy - God bless You and Kaye - Y'all are the BEST !!!  









Well said, and I agree with everything you said about Kenny, BUT:  A lot of us do not see why Kenny should not have been give the chance to "adjust" or wait until he is voluntarily ready to retire instead of just turned out to pasture.  I will always think this.   We use to hear, "The Best of the Best" so why not keep the best instead of stepping down to second best or lower.  Similar things can be said about Darrell.  

Tom Alman
I couldn't agree with you more Mike! Kenny is one great guy. I just know he has to much to offer to stop playing altogether! Don't quit buddy!!!

The Ol' Dawg

Alright, Y'all - This post wasn't to "dredge up" the "hows" and "whys" about this decision, or, to trash Rhonda. I love Rhonda and her family just like I love Kenny and his family. It's only to honor a great musician, a great man, and a great friend. I would hope that any replies to this post would be respectful ones.

Tom Alman
I love ya too Rhonda! I'll stay around as long as you will have me! Mike, Kennyt has always said nothing but the best about Rhonda personally. I can atest to that! I can remember when a bit younger when people like Al Kaline with the Tigers, for example, stayed with a team for all of their careers. It doesn't happen in sports anymore either. There is always gonna be change. On that you cann count! This had to be a very hard decision for the Queen to make. She has my respect and loyalty. I wish all of those involved nothing but the BEST!!!

Jim J.
I HATE to see Kenny leaving the Rage, and Darrell as well. This band has been the cat's meow the last couple of years for me. I agree with "Old Dawg" that replaced doesn't fit. Kenny didn't win SPBGMA's 2007 Banjo Player of the Year for nothing! It really hurt to know these guys would not be on the Bluegrass Cruise coming up at the end of January, 09!
Kenny's palying and driving sound led me to purchase a Williams banjo similar to his which I love, and he has helped me at Palatka, Fl and Summersville, WVa. festivals get the set-up adjusted to what he calls "the sweet spot" where the power of the banjo comes alive. I am especially indebted to him for my much enhanced enjoyment in trying to become more proficient in playing banjo. He not only is a GREAT banjo player, he is a gentleman and one super guy, and I wish him the very best!! Darrell too!
And I wish Rhonda, Mickey and Hunter the best as well..........if RV & R band mix stays as is, you've got some big shoes to fill! Whatever your new direction is, don't forget us old traditional bluegrassers.

Don A

Well said Ole Dawg.

Here's a photo from this past May, when RVR were in London, Ontario.  

Kenny's wearing his NHL Toronto Maple Leaf Jersey. 

I think that "C" on the jersey says it all.  He is the Captain!

Fred Black

The sign of a true master: he makes it look effortless…





I agree with Dawg! I think Kenny deserves all the respect in the world for his effortless playing and dedication to Bluegrass, but changes made at any workplace are up to the boss.  Supporters need to put trust in the decisions made and know they are probably for the furtherance of a new direction in musical endeavors.  It would have had to been a gutwrenching decision concerning the Big K and I'm sure Rhonda and Herb and all parties involved did not make this decision lightly.  Since I've been following Bluegrass, I have seen many bands make waaaayyy more changes than what's ever been made with RVR!

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