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A very special thank you to all of our Veterans for your service to our wonderful country!

Let's remember the Veterans today on this Veterans Day and EVERY Day!
John S
Without the sacrifice of those veterans from past conflicts, and the continued efforts of our brave men and women in the service today, America would not be free. My utmost respect goes to the ones who gave their lives and to those who were blessed with surviving those terrible events called war that not only keeps our shores free, but has allowed people all across the globe to know the taste of freedom as well.
God bless the soldier ... past, present, and future!
John S

Tom Alman
Thank you Vets!!!

I want to thank all of those GIs who came before me and all those that followed.  They are truly heroes in my book.

But, there is one person who doesn't receive nearly enough credit for their sacrifices for this great nation of ours.  The military spouse.  In so many cases throughout the years, there has been a loved one who gave up careers, homes, and family to follow their loved one on isolated tours all over the world.  They are the ones who stay at home, care for our children, continue to work so that when we return home, we can once again enjoy the true comforts of home. 

These are the husbands and wives who sacrifice so much for the soldier, the airman, the seaman, and the marine. They are OUR ROCK when we are away, they are our FOUNDATION when we are at home.  Thank you, you are OUR HERO.

God Bless the Soldier's Wife/Husband.
Thank You

God Bless ALL our Soldier's US Flag animated

  and THANK YOU ALL for keeping us safe here at home.US Flag animated


THANKS DADDY AND PAPAW!! And thanks to everyone else who has served!
tracie SCRUGGS
Thanks to all of the Veterans that have served our country WELL!  Keep all of the other service men and women in your prayers and our country in your prayers!

To all the veterans out there, past, present, and future, THANK YOU for your service to our country!!
Dean Eaton
One particular vet always is with me, my late father Bob Eaton. He served in the Army Medical Corps during WW2 and basically followed the trail of the dying and wounded from the Normandy invasion through to Italy and the Bulge.

Like so many men of his generation, he never talked about his wartime experiences. It was something he felt he had to do, and he went and did it.  It was only through a diary we found, and some of the letters he sent home to Mom (the ones that wreen't censored, anyway) that any us had a clue as to what he'd been through.

For example, w had no idea that even though he always took us to an annual 4th of July fireworks, he hated them. They always reminded him of the Normandy landing and the hideous barrages of that day.

He is missed every day. I hope I've learned just a little from him about how much he loved his country, and his family.


Let us never forget our veterans! THANK YOU for all you do! 

gary kennedy
A great big


to all of our veterans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert Hall
I too want to thank ALL the veterans who fought for our country as well...a belated thank you,but a heartfelt one..too often we take our military for granted..even on "Veteran's Day"..here it wasn't a "real" holiday,only the post office and banks were closed,otherwise it seemed like any other Tuesday..no parades that I know of nearby..only a few memorial services were held,and a few TV stories on the news,that was about all..

My dad was a "Pathfinder" in the Air Force's 82nd airborne division in WWII,he was a navigator..he never spoke much about the war,even when I was older,if he did,it was usually a story about a fellow soldiers humorous antics while on leave, or in basic training,not horror stories about combat,in the war itself..I could tell he was traumatized by many things he witnessed in the war,by the way he'd change the subject if we asked about it..

If we happened to walk near him while he was relating a war story to a relative at family get together,the only time he'd relate his war experiences, was with my uncles who also served,he'd suddenly stop,until we were out of earshot..
I understand he saw some very disturbing things "over there",and he always prayed that America would never have to endure an attack on our own soil..

My dad passed on April 13th,2000,only 2 weeks shy of his 75th birthday...so he wasn't here to witness 9/11,but he'd predicted it wouldn't be long before we might face an attack on our own soil--in a way I'm glad he didn't live to see it..he always said many presidents were "too soft" after WWII as far as defense of the USA,that closing many military bases and cutting funds,and befriending terrorist countries would lead to us being vulnerable to an attack..guess he was right..

After watching some WWII footage of the Normandy Invasion last night on PBS,I cannot fathom HOW our soldiers could survive such incredible odds...the narrator claimed we lost 2500 men in less than two hours,almost as much as we've lost in many years in the war in Iraq,in that ONE battle..when I hear them say over 1000 WWII vets die DAILY since the 1960's,I cant imagine the sheer numbers of soldiers that must have fought in WWII..must have been millions?..

GOD BLESS THE SOLDIERS!...and the WIVES,SONS,DAUGHTERS,and everyone affected by their military service and sacrifice..

I look at my dad's medals, and wonder how he managed to survive the war..and hang my head in shame ,when I was not even able to get to his grave yesterday, to pay my respects to him..he's in the National Cemetery in Bourne on Cape Cod,about 25 miles away...he must be real proud of me..


Chief Slay

I really don't think that some people get it. Being a veteran sets one apart from the rest of society. It's good and makes one stronger. I am a vet.

Vets We Love You

Thanks for every day putting your life on the line and doing what you are told.

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