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Tom Alman
Being that it is almost Thanksgiving I thought I would bring up how nice it is of Rhonda to let us come here and have our little chats everyday. I don/t now about you folks but I look forward to coming here and getting a daily laugh along with the information needed to be a loyal Rager! I wish all the best to Kenny and Darrell in their new ventures. You can be replaced but not exceeded in quality! Rhonda I pledge to give as much support to the new members as is possible. I can't wait to see what the next Rage is gonna sound like. I'm sorry to prattle on but every once in a while we need to take a minute and be thankful for what we have here. Everyone, lets give Rhonda a chance to see what she has in store for us after the first of the year. I have been around here for a while now and she hasn't let me down yet! Ragers all have a teriffic Thanksgiving and just take a minute and think how much we mean to each other and how nice Rhonda has been to us!!!


Mark Buonassissi
Could not agree more, we need to be glad we have each other on this board, but we too need to be mindful of who makes all of this possible, that would be the Queen of everything Rhonda..... and Julia, and Herb, and the Rage and so many others... Let's do, be way more thankful, for each other.

Good Morning Tom and Mark.
I agree with you both...and I am truly THANKFUL for Rhonda , Herb, Julia and all my precious Ragin friends on this board.

God Bless you ALL and have a Blessed Thanksgiving day with your family and friends.
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