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John S
I hope no one minds this post, but at the Chelyan Nazarene Church tonight at 7pm there is an event called 'Bluegrass and Blessings' going on. 
Our little church is raising food donations to make Christmas baskets for the less fortunate in the community and anyone and everyone is invited to come.
Donations of nonperishable food items are asked for.
Two groups will be playing but before that  ... a bean/cornbread dinner at 5:00 will be offered ... I have been up since six  o'clock cookin' brown beans ... I guess you cold say I've been cookin' with gas
Anyhoo ... Y'all come!
Questions? you can call the church at 595-1147
Good Morning John
What a Blessed thing to do for the less fortunate.
At our Church ...each Sunday we bring nonperishable foods and stock our pantry for a year so we will be ready to help the needy.
We fix baskets for their Thanksgiving dinner and for Christmas, and also through the year when we hear of someone needing help we will be prepared.
One of my favorite things to do is fix the little needy children a basket of toys and clothes for Christmas.
I pray your Church will have much success.
Sending Blessing's your way , Louise
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