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I just want to say thank you to Rhonda for helping me celebrate my birthday.  It was a surprise to say the least when I finally got my other shoe.  Then to call me up on stage and have the Honkytonk Angels sing Happy Birthday to me was quite funny.  I was totally shocked but it was fun.

Another thanks goes out to Mike G. for the cake even though I know Connie is going to say something about the picture that was on it.

And I'd like thank all those helped me celebrate, you know who you are so I won't list names. lol

It was a birthday surprise I'll never forget unless Alzheimer's sets in.

Thank you all so much for making it special.



Mike Garlock
Hi All,

    We made it back home just in time to go Hunting til dark.  Thanks Harry for help making this a very memorable Weekend.  I know Brenda and I will remember alway's.  Thanks Rhonda and the Rage!  Mike G.
Uncle Pen & Friend
Heck, we got home about an hour and half ago.   I forgot to check in that we made it home OK.   We stopped at Cabela's for a little shopping.   Just picked up the mutts from the kennel.  

We had a great overnight trip.    We enjoyed getting to visit with all the Northerners and the PA folks.  

Thanks to Margo & Bob for making the dinner reservations.   We thoroughly enjoyed our evening.  

Take care everyone.   Hopefully we will see you all very soon.  
we were home by 11:30

I was asleep by 12:30 lol. 
Ben Hughes
Hi all!
Got home a little after 4. Only about a 6hour 18min trip one way, so not our craziest
Glad you had a great birthday (yet to come) over the weekend with us. It was great to get to celebrate it with you and Nancy!
Have a great night all!
-Ben Hughes

just in time to go Hunting til dark

did you get anything?
Agent 86
We made it to Oshawa, Ontario by 7:10pm, just in time to go to the Country Music Club .................... and go to the back room and play some bluegrass music, with lots of friends for about 3 hours.  We finally made it home by 11:15pm. 

Musher 99 made me stop at every Walmart on our way through Pennsylvania and New York to try and find some Martha White flour ................ with no luck. 

Needless to say ........... lots of whining all the way home.  I finally asked her if she wanted some cheese to go with that whine (wine).
Boy, am I popular now!

What a GREAT trip, so much fun with so many friends.  Hopefully we can do it again ....................... real soon. 

Ben Hughes
It would seem someone had a video camera out for that special appearance by the Honky Tonk Angels...

Can I make it any more ObviouslyBenHughes?
Movlogger Stalker
Happy Birthday
and they didn't even get to keep those lovely outfits, lol.

Thanks everyone.

But after tomorrow (my actual 50th) I'm going to start taking birthday control pills.
Agent (musher) 99

lots of whining all the way home
The shoe was on the other foot......so to speak, when 86 found out without my Martha White flour he was going to be without his gooseberry pies!!!!  Let me tell you, if he thought I was whining, he can do a much better job than me . Kinda reminded me of  Herb and the Arizona experience.
What he didn't realize was, I still had some cheese left in the cooler, so I actually gave him  cheese to go with his whine (wine).
By that time I sure wasn't the popular one. 

I would like to thank everybody for such a great time.
Rager friends are the best kind of friends to have.
We all had such a great time in Pennsylvania on Sunday and Monday (we said good-bye to the Garlocks in Cortland, New York). 
Thank you Harry for sharing your big 50th birthday with us.
Dinner at the Washington House was wonderful......but maybe it was the company....Nancy & Harry, Jim, Jane & Ben, Mike L & Amy, Brenda & Mike G, Mary & Jim C, and a very special thanks go to Margo & Bob for booking the restaurant .   Thank you for including us.  Also thanks to Mike & Brenda G for the "Monkey" cake in honor of Harry's birthday.  You know I never realized before, but if you listen to the you tube version of Harry's birthday, not only is Rhonda a great singer she does a pretty mean monkey impersonation.  Don't get any ideas Herb!

On a more serious note, I would like to extend our thanks to Rhonda, Herb, the Men of the Rage and Julia for another great year of Bluegrass music.  We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season, and get feeling better soon.  

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