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Sellersville Ragers
Here we are in Sellersville, PA with a great turnout of Ragers! It was an amazing way to finish out the Ragin' Year of 2008, especially with such a blowout performance by Rhonda, Kenny, Hunter, Mickey and Darrell.

The turnout of Ragers at the show was great to see, including many familiar faces (and names on the message board!) Lorrie Morgan, Uncle Pen & Friend (Amy Reynold and Mike Lebo), Margo and Bob Warwick, Jim Jane & Ben Hughes, Don & Ann Adams (eh!), Harry & Nancy Meade, Mike & Brenda Garlock, Jim & Mary Clifford, Robert Eng, Willy & Ken, Julia Mottesheard & her sister.

A special Happy Birthday goes out to Harry, who got a special gift to "complete the pair" from Rhonda, plus a genuine Martha White polo!

The Honky Tonk Angels payed special visit to Harry onstage in front of everyone to lead the singing of Happy Birthday.

Now we're enjoying a good Birthday party hosted by Mike Garlock, renovating the breakfast room by pounding nails

Have a great night, everyone, and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Ben Hughes
Mike G.
Uncle Pen & Friend
Brenda G.
Jim & Jane Hughes
Don & Ann A
Harry & Nancy M

Rager Group Photo!

What a crew!!!! Susan and I are jealous!!!! Happy 50th birthday to Harry. He's still just a pup.
I hope you all know how much this means to Rhonda and myself to have such a good turnout of Ragers for the last show of the year.

Drive carefully, and be safe!!!!
Brand New Rager
IT was great to be able to get to my first Rhonda and the Rage show last night in Sellersville.   Thanks for including me in your Rager photo.   I'm the one standing on the far left. 

Thanks so much

IT was great to be able to get to my first Rhonda and the Rage show last night in Sellersville.   Thanks for including me in your Rager photo.   I'm the one standing on the far left. 

Thanks so much


  See what you missed out on Dear Herby?

Cardboard Cookie

  LM looks a little stiff.

This looks like the works of Mary Clifford, Robert Eng and The "Musher"

It's funny, I have nice photo of LM on my wall right above my computer. The resemblence is striking. Nice smile though!!!!
well it thanks giving time in the USA... just a few things i am thankfull for ...
first and for most is my wife karen.. she keeps everything in check.. she is a tender person with such a great devoting to who ever she is assoated too..she has blessed my life in many ways to many to mention..karen i love you  and thank you for being just who you are
to my children maye... matthew... mark ... makayela.. what a wonderfull joy it is to be a dad to such a great bunch of kids well not so much kids any more... you  guys sure have tought me lots and blessed me in many ways..all have diferent personalities and all make the carson name what it is...
to braylen.. our grand son... i sure love being a grand dad.. to watch this young man smile..and move,,, to see him excited when  i talk to him..the merical of birth... a blessing of god for sure... love  you braylen
jennifer...  my step daughter...love you ...
to my mom and dad... it took me a long time to figure life out and how to grab onto life and run with it... well ok walk with it.. i owe that to your hard work and being everthing a son would want from parents..
to rita my mother in law... a blessing from god.. and you know i love you and cherrish ever minuite we spend together..
barb.. sister in law.. your the best love you very much..
rhonda... the most inspiring lady i have ever meet... the every day girl.. and than all bussiness.. such a professional.... it goes with out saying love you
julia... i have seen the work of this lady... getting her own little place on the ship to work...she is a gem... god bless
herb... the drive with in... yes i know the golf and sports... but the man keeps it together,,,  he is the husband,,, the dad the manager..and make decisions that is for the best for his wife... its not like he is a manager for just a   proformer ... its his wife out there... many days apart... the man that makes sure she has the best while away,,, a good bus driver.. a good bunch of band members..god bless you herb,,, see you on the cruise....
last but not the least... the men and woman keeping us free... god bless you and bring you home safe...
i am thankfull... sorry to ramble on...
god bless

Unindicted Co-Conspirator

Great job to the photoshop genius that helped create the Rager photo.  Excellent work and you even escaped suspicion@!!!

Over the years, I've seen a lot of strange things on this message board (okay, okay, I was probably responsible for most of them), but I never expected to see a post from Richard Milhous Nixon.  Of course, I also never expected to wish that he was still the President.  Anyway, I don't think we need a Special Prosecutor or a Grand Jury to figure out who put Lorrie in the picture.......Obviously!

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