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Brenda A
To all of you Ragers,

I am also a dear fan of Rhonda's. I live in Dayton, Ohio and have had the chance to see her live several times. I have left each show feeling great, especially the one that I got the chance to meet her at!!! Although this is my first post on the message board, I come on and read all of the comments everyday. Each and every one of you bring a smile, and laughter to my life each day with what you write. It's nice to see that there really are people left that care about each other in this world. It's even greater that the beautiful voice of one amazing woman is what brings you all together!!! Thank you all for bringing a smile to my face each day, and thank you Rhonda for sharing your talent, and your heart, with each of us!!! Oh, and also for sharing "Dear Herby"!!!!

Mike B
Hi Brenda A!  Welome to the RVMB!!!  This is without doubt the BEST message board I have found anywhere on the web.  I found the MB by accident a couple of years ago while looking up the Queen's show dates, and I have pretty much been addicted since then.  Have a nice day and a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Mike B from Alabama
Mark Buonassissi
Dearest Brenda A,

Welcome to the family........One great thing about this board and it's people, we do care for each other, it stems from Rhonda, she cares so much about all of us, it sort of spills onto this board.....

Do not be afraid to post anything you may need, be it prayer if that is what is needed, or anything else......Someone on this board will take care of what ever it is you or your family may need.. We are great prayer warriors here on this Message Board....

But is comes down to the fact that there are so many wonderful people that appear on this board. I have been posting since summer of 2005. I have needed things and posted, and bingo, done deal.. I have prayed for so many that asked of us as a family, to pray for a loved one...we do a lot of praying around here......

Like I say, it is pretty much all because of Rhonda and Herb and Julia, the best PREZ ever, and so many other people we may never even meet, and that is the really cool part, we don't have to know you personally, that fact that you posted, makes you an instant family member, how cool is that......pretty cool actually........ Glad and proud that you have joined us here on the Board.

Mark Buonassissi
Doug Carl
Mornin' Brenda A.
Welcome to the board.  Sometime this is a wacky crazy place, but then all families are like that.  Since you have seen what happens at the live shows, you know these are good folks.  Have a great day in your part of Dayton, snowing in mine right now.

Tom Alman
Welcome abourd Brenda! you are now officially a true Rager. Come back and post when you can!!!

Brenda A.
Thanks to everyone for the welcoming messages. I look forward to being included in the family of Ragers, and the upcoming events!! I don't think a person can ever have too many friends, too many prayers said for them, too much family, or too much love!!
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