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earl austin
I thought I'd been just everywhere possible at 10:30 p.m. in my life---ethanol plants,print shops, walmarts, concerts, hospitals & rest homes, ERs & ICUs, concerts, convenience stores, funeral homes, county jails & police stations. Never did it ever occur to me I'd be at a dentist's at that hour--the night before Thanksgiving no less--& for somebody else

BRATT went to her annual 3 1/2 year visit to the dentist Tuesday. Had a massive filling done. Left her swollen, but no big deal right? Wednesday night her right side of her face looked like that of a bassett hound with 2 whole packs of RedMan chewing tobacco stuffed inside. And the color. Had a Social Service worker seen it, I'd be celebrating T-Day in jail instead of an ethanol plant. NO way could I've proved my innocence. Looked like she had slept on a freshly dyed Hawaiian shirt. Couldn't find the dentist's home phone #, but found his partner's who met me at his office (picture me--Chiefs pj pants,  neon green ethanol t-shirt with corn ear with gas nozzle, brown suede house shoes who gave me antibiotics & pain killers..

So far it's better. Her face looks like the jaw of Richard Nixon with 5 o'clock shadow instead of a bloodhound. Seriously though, both kids called her as did her parents a neighbor came by and a friend brought over 2 plates of food for our supper to offset her Spaghetti-Os lunch. And she was almost able to chew it..

And always remember--If you're bored with your life--come visit us a few days...won't be nothing to grace People Magazine, but you'll usually have a story to tell friends to roll their eyes



Earl, you are a card. Tell the Bratt hello, and hope she gets feeling better real soon.

Tom Alman
Hey Earl! Did you see those Lions yesterday? I told you they ain'ty no good!!!


OHHHH.....I feel so sorry for the Bratt (I'm not sure who that is. I'm new to this message board)...but I still feel real sorry for her. It must have been horrible to say the least. I hope she gets to feeling better.


I was just wondering how the Bratt was feeling today?

I hope Sherri is doing better!
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