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earl austin
Well, everybody you asked for it--As I look at her now, her face is plum purple--of all things her lower right jaw. Bear in mind that it was a upper tooth that was filled....We had a glass of red wine last night, but I never figured RED wine would leave a stain from the inside out like Welch's grape juice

Meanwhile, I got the outdoor Xmas lights hung out a little while ago before it got too hot outside and am going to hang a wall clock & do the Xmas tree thing and a dozen of Sherri's 100 oversized floor ornaments

As far as our health is Sherri's black & blue & I'm just blue. Went to Chillicothe for a $9 dog bed & 2 packs of $25 wrenches for $10 & wrote a check for $90 & that didn't include a $50 WalMart check. (As a guy I worked with once said that he'd been shot down 2x in Vietnam & held POW & shot at in the 1st Desert Storm, but nothing ever scared him as much as being at WalMart with his wife the day after payday as was the case And I did my version of online Xmas shopping just now--I look at the website & order by phone...

Now I just have to get BRATT's Xmas present(s)--maybe something from CoverGirl or Maybeline?

Tom Alman
Earl! You rascal LOL!!!

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