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Has anyone here ever flown to attend the festival at Jekyll Island from the midwest? What is the closest airport and what airlines serve that airport? What happens to this message board 12-31-08 does it keep going or start all over?

Uncle Pen's Friend

Check out http://www.jekyllisland.com .   We attempted to go there this year taking our RV but the campground was completely booked in March.   The website I listed gives you the "By Land, By Sea, By Air" Information and there is also lodging information on this website.   Hope you have better luck than we did.

I would suggest flying into Jacksonville, FL

(Southwest Airlines http://www.iflyswa.com   - my favorite airline - does fly into Jacksonville)  

then renting a car to drive the 75 miles to Jekyll Island, GA.  

Plus, the Jacksonville airport is on the North side of Jacksonville.

There are hotels close to the convention center.

It's a great festival, and what a way to start the New Year 2009!!!!

Hope to see you there.
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