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Uncle Pen
After watching this video, I am not sure that the new frying pan and toilet brush (scrubbing bubbles) I bought Friend for Christmas is the best idea.



Any advice from Dear Herby or his close advisors?

Mike Garlock
Evening Uncle,

    Your about a day LATE!  I bought Brenda a Food Vacuum Sealing Machine yesterday.  I think it could go either way...Mike G.
I bought 99 a snow shovel!   Oh, and wax for the bottom of the dog sled skis.
I know she'll love it ................ I aready live in the "Dog House."
Dear Uncle,

Who in the world keeps putting this awful propaganda out!!!!!!

Friend should be thrilled with the new frying pan and toilet brush. Very few women in the world get such luxurious items.

For all you non-believing men in the world that wonders what it would be like without "Dear Herby's" advice, should watch this horrific video. I'm glad I watched, and have a strong stomach. The "Rage" I felt was nearly overwhelming.

THE loving wife
Ladies...make it MANDATORY for  your "significant other" to watch the video!!!

It is imperative that this be viewed by every RAGEing MALE here on the board before Christmas!!!!
Rhonda. as you can see 86 has already watched the video and of course made a comment ...........what he doesn't realize is, that in our very own backyard is one of those so called "dog houses".  
So for all you RAGEing males out there, my advice to you is, what ever you do, don't take 86's advice.   If you do you could end up just like the men in that video.........in the "dog house".
As for his comment about already living in the "dog house", he doesn't know how right he is!!!   
I bet as he is reading this post he is really glad he is working the night shift tonight!
  I think I may have to save this clip for future use.

Don A
Courtney, can I borrow your borrowed tent?   
I think I might need it.
I love the great outdoors!
Friend should be thrilled with the new frying pan and toilet brush.

she liked the frying pan just fine, but said she's switching back to paper.
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