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Mike B

Is it snowing up there?  My radar is showing snow about halfway between us in the Columbia/Pulaski area.  Just curious

Good Morning Mike
No snow here yet ...it is 25 degrees at the moment and there is a stillness in the air  that just feels like snow is on the way .
We have a high temp in the low 40's today , so if it does snow this morning , it want last long.
Can you sent me just a little Mike?

Have a nice Saturday and enjoy the snow.
Hey Mike!
No snow for me.... It's cold, though!~ Can someone come hang my outdoor decorations?

I've been working on the inside decorations and I just should have put some lights on my ficus tree and called it, "done." Now, I'm having to go through the 40 tubs of Christmas decorations from the basement.....  I PROMISE to get better organized when I put stuff away this year..... The only thing that makes it bearable is Christmas CD's!


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