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Next week: A Canine Christmas...

It's told that Mother Mary blessed

A cat who was a manger guest.

She placed an “M” upon its brow...

And every tabby, then to now,

Has had this letter written there

For blessed, stripey cats to wear.


And this is why I say to you:

Your pussycats love Christmas, too.


“What can I get my cat?”  you ask….

This is a very simple task.


Cardboard boxes, catnip mice

Are standard gifts that will suffice.

A litter box with nice clean dirt

Is like a brand-new Christmas shirt.


Big paper bags and super balls

Are great to chase around your halls.

A stick with strings attached will do -

They’ll chase it  like it’s something new.


A ball of yarn, a rubber band

Bring joy to cats in every land.


On Christmas Eve, all kitties say:

“All that we need, we get each day 

A meal, a toy, the sun, a nap...

And lots of purr-time on a lap.”


It’s such an easy thing to do

To make your kitty’s dream come true.


Too bad that every human wish

Cannot be solved with tuna fish...



Dean the Boston Boy

Hi Dean!
That is super wonderful...I love it, love it love it..
You are a great writer.
Thank you for sharing .
Hope your Birthday was fantastic.

God Bless.

Did you see that Rhonda sent me birthday wishes yesterday? It blew me away that she'd take the time... Rhonda's the greatest.

And so are you.

Love ya, Ms L...

I sure did see that Dean and was so happy for you. Our Queen is so precious.
I know that made your day so very special.
Thank you Dean...you are the greatest as well.
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