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I wrote this poem for my sister Robin as a Christmas present in 2002. I thought Rhonda and the group might enjoy it.

There's a tune out there for this somewhere...

The Robin’s Song


 “Where is the new-born child?” the shepherds asked….

To Bethlehem they’d journeyed through the night.

So many mangers, stables, yet to search

In that small town, lit by a holy light.


“Where is the infant?",  all the Magi thought…

A star had led them to this distant place.

As strangers to this city they were brought, 

So unfamiliar with this foreign space.


But then a glorious sound burst forth so bright,

All men and women heard it clear and wild!

A strange and wondrous song did pierce the night -

It was a robin - singing by the child.


She perched beside the cradle, brave and true,

And sang a song that only robins know.

When all the angels heard it, they sang, too...

O'er where the infant lay so long ago.


 -- Dean Eaton, December 2002

That is absolutely beautiful. I know your sister cherishes this special poem you wrote just for her.  What a precious brother you are.

I can vision it as a song, sung by Rhonda or Dolly.
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