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So I start listening to "Beautiful Star" for the umpteenth time this week and hear Stuart Duncan playing fiddle. 

Then I played "Christmas Grass 2" with Rhonda, Jamie and Darrin on it, and there he was again.

And on "The Sweetest Gift"... and "Bluegrass and White Snow".... and "Just in Time for Christmas"...

It turned out that nearly every country Christmas record I own had Duncan somewhere in the ensemble.

That same night, I turned on David Letterman and there he was again, playing mandolin and fiddle behind Charlie Haden.

If anyone works harder than RHonda and seems to be having as much fun, it must be Mr. D.

Dean the Amazed


I love Rhonda's Christmas CD!!

Good Evening Dean and Catherine.

Dean, I have also been listening to ''Beautiful Star'', Bluegrass And White Snow and ''Sweetest Gift'' today also. These are my very favorites with beautiful Rhonda's ''Beautiful Star'' being # 1.

Have a nice evening all.

It's interesting to compare how Rhonda and Patty approach acoustic Christmas music - they really are mountain soul sisters. I can't say I have a favorite, I love them both. Both are wonderful CD's, though.

I hope Rhonda will forgive me when I admit that my all-time favorite country Christmas CD is still Trisha Yearwood's "The Sweetest Gift". Love, love, love that record.

My favorite Christmas country song is Merle Haggard's "If We Make It Through December", which must be on a lot of peoples' minds right now. It is on mine.


Joe Diffie has a fun little Christmas song I love called, Mr. Christmas.

I heard Kelly Willis do "Santa Baby" the other day and was really knocked out by it. Very sexy and fun.

There's a Pam Tillis song called "Beautiful Light" that's really nice.

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