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Sweet Brenda & Him
It is Sunday Morning time for the Sweet Brenda & Him Radio show 7 - 10am on the Bobcat here on the web.
Here is the phone number 1-800-849-4146
Have a good day.
Good Morning Sweet Brenda and Him! I'm finally home on a Sunday and will get to listen while I'm decorating the Christmas tree....so could you please play "Christmas Time At Home" for me
Mike Garlock
Good Morning Brenda, Calvin & Julia,

    Have a good show SB & H.  Julia could we send Dear Herby over to give you a hand....Don A. and Tom should be along soon.  Everyone have a blessed Day.  Mike G.
Sweet Brenda & Him
Good Morning...

Julia, I think we can get the song out to you this morning.
Have fun putting up the tree, my grand kids put mine up for me.

Good Morning, Mike have a great day.
Ann A (eh)
Good Morning Sweet Brenda and Him.  Sounding good up here in the North.  Lots of snow and very windy and cold (13F).

Mike, Don A would not be any good at helping Julia...... I have to put all the Christmas decorations up myself..............and take it down.  He says he has picked up too many husbands who have fallen off ladders putting up Christmas lights. So I only put lights up where I can reach with a step stool.  I thought that might get him interested.  I think the husbands falling off ladders is just a BIG EXCUSE........maybe if I were to hang banjos out as decorations that might spike an interest. HMMMMM I better put my thinking cap on.

Have a great show, guys.
Uncle Pen's Friend
Well, Ann, I think it is an excuse too.   I don't think I've ever picked up anyone that fell because they were putting up Christmas decorations.   I think it's an excuse tooo!!!    Now if you want to talk about the number of people I've picked up shoveling snow that shouldn't be shoveling snow that a different story.  

Today is a day to bake cookies in our house.   I'm making all the one Unc won't eat.   That way they will last longer.    I'll make his favorites next weekend.  
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