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Just saw on FOX News, that a plane crashed in a San Diego neighborhood.

Hope you're doing well!!!!  
Tom Alman
Let us know buddy!!!

Mike Garlock
Hi Everyone,

    I just got off the phone with the legendary GLK and he live's to do the "Train Whistle" again!  Mike G.
Glad to hear it! Thanks Mike for contacting Gary and letting us know he is safe!
Gary K

I'm fine.  Thanks for your concern.  I was in the gym at the time, so I saw it on TV, but I don't really know any more about it than you do.  Looks like it's a few miles from where I live.  It's a very sad situation. 

You saw it on Fox news GLK??
Gary K
Dear Confused in New York,

There are at least a dozen TVs in the gym at SDSU and I honestly don't know what network I was watching.  I realize that you're trying to set me up to take a cheap shot at Fox, and under other circumstances I probably would.  However, considering the magnitude of this tragedy, it seems like that would be in poor taste.  It was such a horrible thing to happen and it's very painful to watch the local coverage.

Thanks again for everyone's concern.
Tom Alman
That poor man lost his family. How sad indeed! Glad you are well Gary!!!

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