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Mike B

I was awakened a few minutes ago to the drone of tornado sirens.  The storm which caused the warning is now several miles East of us...no problems so far.  We have had torrential rain, vivid lightening and dime-sized hail.  A real scary situation.  More storms about 25 miles West of here... should go South of us.  The worst part.... the temp is 65 and rising at 1:00AM - prime fuel for storms!  Welcome to the Sunny South!!!

The Ol' Dawg

Mike - It was around 60 here last night with some pretty good thunderstorms at about 10 PM. No tornadoes, fortunately. Supposedly, we'll get the brunt of that storm around noon today.

Keep safe!!
Mike B

Everything is fine now!  Tons of much-needed rain and a few tense moments, but no serious damage near us.  Frankly, I don't mind losing a little sleep to get the amount of rain that we did!  Watch this front closely GA & SC Ragers!

Tom Alman
Everyone please be careful. We want you all safe and sound!!!

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