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earl austin
Since someone started the post last week or so about their favorite Christmas songs, I thought it would be fun (or interesting) to find out peoples' LEAST favorite Christmas song....

Mine would be "12 Days of Christmas"...It wouldn't be so bad, but everybody and their dog's cousin has done it and then you have the dog barking version, the cat meowing version, the armpit version, the drunken version etc....You get the idea....

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", the 1944 Judy Garland version. World War II  - and wartime in general - brings forth a lot of melancholy Christmas stuff for sure.  There's that and "I'll Be Home for Christmas" and so many others....

BTW, I bought the new Mary-Chapin Carpenter Christmas "Come Darkness Come Light" thinking "Wow, cool, new Chapin for Christmas..."

But it is way too introspective and sad, sad, sad and I will probably never play it again. It really worried me. I wanted to be able to call MCC on the phone and say, "Hey, are you OK?"

The Ol' Dawg

We're purty much in agreement on that one, Earl - Sorry, Queen !!!

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