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Brenda A

Just wanted to let fellow Ragers know that Good Thing Going by our great Rhonda was chosen by one music critic as one of the best cd's of 2008. I couldn't agree more!! The list is on the website at CMT.com for anyone who wants to check it out. There were very few bluegrass artists that made the list, but our Queen did, and very deservedly.

Mike Garlock
Hi Brenda,

    I glad to here this.  I love the CD and I haven't renewed my IBMA Membership because of the lack of support shown Rhonda Vincent the last two years.  Did I say that?  Mike G.
The Ol' Dawg

HMMMMMM . . . That's funny - I always thought that the IBMA was for the betterment of ALL deserving Bluegrass artists, and, not just an "extension" of the Rhonda Vincent Fan Club. Guess I had better "take my ball and bat and go home", too !!!   

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