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Mike Garlock
Hi Everyone,

    Being a student of the Master "Dr. Herb aka Dear Herby" I have successfully set the Line-up for our August 2nd Show...

Kate Lee w/ No Strings Attached


The Wells Family Band




Rhonda Vincent & The Rage


    I know with that Line-up we will have a first class Festival and I hope we have a big turn out of Ragers.  Thanks Rhonda and Herb for all your help.


Don & Ann A
This is going to be a GREAT time.

Only 235 days .............. and counting!
Uncle Pen

I know Ann made that post...  Don doesn't have enough fingers and toes to come up with 235!!!

Uncle Pen

Sounds like a great time.  Where will we be able to go with the motorhome???

Mike Garlock
Hi Uncle,

    The Ski area is looking into developing sites before the Show.  We have a Camp Grounds right on Lake Road just as you enter the Village of Sodus Point.  We will have all the info on the Website in the next couple of Weeks.  I will keep you informed and keep asking questions so we know what needs work.  Thanks Mike G.

I'll be there if there is a pool and golf course nearby.

Don A

Herby, I don't think it will be like orient beach  ............. oh, darn.

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