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Charles Flanary
Good morning from Archie Mo. where the temperature is 13 degrees and a skift of snow on the ground to Rhonda & Herby,Sally & Tensel,Johnny & Carolyn,Mickey & Crystal,Hunter,Aaron & Amy,Ben,Yogi & Barbara,Richard & Julia and all the rest of the Ragers.Have a good HUMP day and stay warm.
  Charles{Head of Rageland Security}
Tom Alman
Hey there Charles!!!


Good Morning Charles!

Robert Hall
Good morning everyone...

Very WINDY this morning here,with gusts over 50 mph,and its somewhere around 55-60 degrees right now!--the wind was roaring here all night long---a far cry from the SEVEN degrees it was here,on Monday morning!..it's supposed to pour all day here, and then it may get cold enough to turn to freezing rain by tomorrow morning..then stay cool around 35 for two days,might warm up again by Monday..

I was starting to feel better yesterday,but this morning I had a relapse,feel like I have a fever suddenly again, and am having problems with swallowing again,feels like everything sticks in my throat when I go to eat,but its not sore or anything--not so sure its just the cold or flu that is causing the trouble,and I'm getting very worried!..might have go to the hospital if I don't improve soon..feel like I'm getting ready to see the "last best place".. ..or maybe "the last WORSE place",depending on my "record"??..

Hope everyone else is doing OK,and hasn't got the flu or any other problems..so far for me,it's definitely not the "most wonderful time of the year"..hope that isn't the case for anyone else here!..

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