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Sweet Brenda
Rhonda, You are going out for 2 nights in a row, what did you do right? 
Herb, don't forget Sweet Brenda is going to be on the boat and you know I will behave haha.
Gary K

 Way to go, Steve!  You are The Man!!!!!

Tom Alman
I think Rhonda has another admirer GLK! You can never have to many stalkers HEE! HEE! What does that make now, three of us!!!

Dean the Boston Boy
Rhonda, Herb

Next time you're in the Boston area I'd be happy to treat you - and the band, for that matter - to the best seafood or barbecue dinner in town. We don't even have to get dressed up.


Tom & Lisa - Florida
Herb:   I was on-line listening to Rhonda's music, checking out the website, and saw this blog - didn't know of your special connection to the workshop.  I remember, at the KV Country Club last summer, how well you connected with our son Brandon while golfing, I should have known. He asked about you the other day.  Talked to Helen & Ed today heard about the winter storm...70's here today in Tampa!   We hope to come to the show in Palatka.

Merry Christmas


Hi Tom and Lisa. I wish I was where you are instead of here. How's my little buddy Brandon doing? Tell him I said hi.
Hope you can make it up here this summer. We'll get some golf in, and maybe fleece Ed out of some money.

Special kids have always been a passion of mine. I've lived it for 50 years. The public has come a long way in 50 years. I can remember when it wasn't so good. These kids/adults are people just like us, and deserve all the best we can give them. I intend to see that this continues here at the Sheltered workshop.
Ragin' Rebel

"AMEN" Herby, we have some special folks at our church, some people (the ones who don't know them) avoid or ignore them. They just want to be treated the same as everyone else. They are amazing people, and they are more faithful to volunteer, for church functions that others. I thank God for them, for I feel they are better people in their hearts, than other people. We should all have to spend a week in their shoes. Keep up the Good work Herb.

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