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Dear Herby is taking me out tonight.......

What fun to get all dressed up, and go out on a DATE!!  
GREAT...a couple of hours of peace and quiet Stay out as long as you like
Oops did I type that out loud
Yea, we were supposed to have left 5 minutes ago. I asked if she was ready, she's still in her robe, with curlers in her hair, and no make-up yet. I think I made a mistake in telling her our departure time. Should have told her an hour earlier!!!!

Late again!!!!
You would think you would've learned that by now!

Hope you're not traveling by dog sled.

The Ol' Dawg

Herb - Are you takin' her out to a ballgame ?  

No ballgame tonight. No dog sled either.

Tonight was the Christmas party for the workers at the Sheltered Workshop here in Kirksville, which my brother Steve is a worker, and I'm on the Board. We had a nice dinner. The Aaron Russell band performed to the delight of the workers. Bonuses, popcorn, and candy were handed out to all the workers. They all got their name read, and went up to accept their presents. It's very moving to see the looks on their faces, and the pride in their steps.
The Sheltered workshop is celebrating its' 40th Anniversary in Kirksville on May 3rd 2009. The celebration will be held at Rotary Park, with a performance by Rhonda Vincent and The Rage. Certificates commemorating the years of service for each worker will be handed out.
This show is free to the public, and we look for a big crowd.

BTW....My wife looked gorgeous last night. It was well worth the wait.

Party Pictures
Steve Sandker & Rhonda Dancing

Steve is thrilled to receive his Christmas Bonus!

Steve & Herb

Rhonda singing "Christmas Time's A Coming & Away In A Manger" with the Aaron Russell Band!

Mike Garlock
Hey Rhonda & Herb,

    Nice Party and that's great you could go and sing for everyone.  I'm sure Kirksville knows how lucky they are to have you Guy's living there. 
Uncle Pen's Friend
The Christmas Party looked like everyone was having a blast.  

Tonight it's our turn to get to go out and have some fun.   I'm all dressed up in my Red Rhonda Vincent "We Say Merry Christmas" t-shirt as we head out to enjoy the evening with The Bluegrass Brothers.    
Friend, You'll look awesome tonight!!!! Say hello to the boys for me. Can you imagine the fun they're gonna have on the cruise. With the Brothers, and Nothin Fancy on the same ship, there may not be room for the rest of us. This ship will never be the same after Feb 8.
Garlock, I may need you and 86 to help me on security detail this year. Cousin Parker "two fers" Jenkins will be there along with lifetime friend, and absolute nut, Jay Nixon. (First ever cruise for him)

I think I'll need GLK to come with us and coral the Wells Family girls. He's used to good looking girls in bikini's. He provides security on the beaches of San Diego 4 days a week.
Boy, did I get off topic!!!! Have fun Friend!!!!!
Honey.....Get off the message board  I'm ready to go.....

ANOTHER date...2 nights in a row.

Make him splurge and get you the supersized extra value meal!
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