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Charles Flanary
Good Saturday morning sweet Rhonda & Herby,Sally & Tensel,Johnny & Carolyn,Mickey & Crystal,Hunter,Aaron & Amy,Ben,Yogi & Barbara,Richard & Julia and all the Ragers in the Queendom.Have a safe journey home Rhonda and don't run out of gas.Have a wonderful Saturday.
   Charles{Head of Rageland Security}
Good Morning Charles and Ragers Everywhere!!!

Good Morning Charles , Julia, Rhonda and to ALL the Rager's. I hope all have a Blessed day.
Nativity Scene - Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Was Born
Merry Christmas - red and green animated everyone.
Robert, I pray you are feeling much better.
Mike B

Good afternoon Charles, Julia and Louise!

Good Afternoon All!!!

Robert hope you are feeling better!

Charles- I recieved your Christmas Card  yesterday.  Thank you very much. I wish you and your family have a few Merry Christmas.

I am off to Missouri!!!!!! Have a great week all...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
Tom Alman
Good evening everyone. I spent the day with relatives so not around the puter! Hope you are all enjoying the weekend. Let us know how everything is back home, Lib! Hope you get better soon Robert. KEEP SMILIN' Gang!!!

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