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Sweet Brenda & Him
Good Morning & Merry Christmas...
Time for the Sweet Brenda & Him show this morning 7 - 10am EST on the Bobcat with the best Bluegrass Gospel & Bluegrass Christmas music, check us out on the web

http://www.bobcatcountryradio.com & call us 1-800-849-4146 toll free.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Bless Week.  Don't forget the reason for Christmas, the Birthday of Jesus. 
Good Morning and Merry Christmas Sweet Brenda and Him!

Richard and I are heading to VA this morning to celebrate Christmas with his Mom and his kids and their families! We will be listening to you before we leave though!
Tom Alman
Good morning ladies! More snow last night. Some nice music will keep us warm!!!

Sweet Brenda & Him
Julia, Richard & Tom

Good Morning, thanks for listening and have a merry Christmas.

Be careful and stay warm.

Good morning and Merry Christmas to all.

Mike Garlock
Good Morning Brenda & Calvin,

    It was tuff getting up, but we are awake just to here your show.  Have a great Show.  Merry Christmas to you.  Mike G.
Sweet Brenda & Him
Thank you for getting up this morning Mike, Brenda & Harry.

Merry Christmas, don't forget we will be on Wed. night 6 - 9pm to bring in Christmas.
Don A
Hi Sweet Brenda & Him.

Just made it home from work, and now listening in.  Lots of snow here and it's still snowing.  8 inches yesterday with another 6 today ......... enough to go snowboarding.

Sounding Great & thanks for playing my favorite .......... BLUEGRASS GOSPEL.

Everybody have a Merry Christmas. 
Mike Garlock
Sweet Brenda & Calvin,

    We plan on having you at our Christmas Eve Party this Year.  We have alot of Snow here too.  We get between 100-200 inches a year, so it's not to big of a deal.  I'm working today 9:00-1:00 which means I will be off line for 15 minutes of your show.  Thanks for playing Rhonda & Mickey!  Mike G.
Sweet Brenda & Him
Don, we are glad you made it home.  We will warm you both up.

Mike, thanks I can't wait. I will bring the MUSIC.
Don A
Hey Mike, I remember back in 2001, when your area, the south shore if Lake Ontario, got almost 7 feet of snow over a 4 day period.  (Lake-Effect Snow)
We're about 25 miles north of the lake, so we're lucky and usually miss the real heavy snowfall. 

Sweet Brenda & Him, we're warmed up now.  Thanks.

Have a Great Day!

Speaking of birthdays, my wife Nancy has a big one coming up on the 27th.  She catches up to me. lol

Happy Anniversary Brenda and Him

don't forget RV and Herby's  is Christmas eve.
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