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Mike Garlock
Good Morning Ragers Worldwide,

    Time to get up and make it over and headed toward the Friday and Saturday Shows.  It's time for the East Coast to get a little excited for the visit from the Queen!  Everyone have a great day.  Mike G.
Good Morning Mike! Enjoy the show in Buffalo!!
Mike B

Good morning y'all!.  I thought that Dawg was back when I saw the hump day title.

Good Morning!!   This is the exciting BONUS day, for me.

I have an extra day to add mandolin to the new project, add another dress to the photo shoot, pick up new microphones for stage, restock the bus, and do a final cross reference of cruise details.

I've only had 4 hours of sleep, but I woke up thinking about all the things I can get done today. So I'm up with a song in my heart, and a skip in my step!!!    Have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!!    
Robert Hall
Good morning RHNDA!...glad to hear you made it safely across the country,and are planning to have a good day!..you got only 4 hours of though?.. I'm like that too,I rarely sleep much more than 4-6 hours myself..8 hours seems like an eternity!..I lie awake and think of all the things I could be doing if I didn't have to sleep!.

I hope it's warmer in Nashville this morning than it is here,our temperatures plummeted last night again,down into the low teens..but the sun is out,and no real snow is expected for awhile,that is good news for me,since I've yet to get my plow fixed and ready for the next thrashing!..

Hope you have a nice day Rhonda,wish I could be there to hear you play your mandolin!..take care and God bless--good morning to all the Ragers out there too,hope "hump day" goes well for all of us..

Gloria Boyd

Rhonda, I know how hard it is to sleep went you have so much too do. Hope you get it all accomplished and  I wish that I hear you practicing today  I know you will be great!  Rest some before your next show.  Have a great afternoon.

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