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Good Evening....and especially GOOD MORNING!!!  

I can barely hold my eyes open.  It's been a very productive day here in the studio.  Hunter finished his fiddle, mandolin, and vocal; then Ben arrived to sing.  He sang for the rest of the day and night till very late.

He will be back on Thursday.  Hopefully tomorrow, Aaron and Mickey will finish their harmonies, banjo and dobro.

I've never enjoyed the recording process, as much as I have this one.

We've had such a great time.  Dylan, our engineer, is a pure joy to work with. 

I'm REALLY excited about an invention he created for stage. I'll be trying it out on this weekend.  It's a device that will hook to my mic, and hold my fiddle bow.    Hunter usually has my bow tightly secured in my case; and when I get ready to play fiddle on stage, I have to try and undo the latch, and detach the bow.  This is VERY exciting, plus new instruments stands that SHOULD put my instruments at my finger tips. We'll hope it works out as well on stage as it does on paper. 
good morning Maam, is there still a live hook up to the studio, like we watched a couple of weeks back ?
That was quite a buzz, for us.
Oh , and good luck with the project.
Good Morning Rhonda and Don!

Tom Alman
Good morning Your Majesty!!!

Kim From MO

Wow, that's exciting news!  REALLY excited for Friday to get here now!!!  Can't wait to see you Rhonda and the new Rage and Ragers!!

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