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A very good morning to all of our Rager friends!!! Don't forget the chat tonight!!
Mike Garlock
Good Morning Julia and Rager's Worldwide,

    Gotta start this work Week.  Most of us will have a very cold cold Week head of us.  Everyone stay safe and warm.  Let's pray for a safe day of Travel from NYC for Rhonda and Her Mighty Rage.  Don't forget "Dear Herby", all the reports aren't in yet, we are thinking the Big Apple will never be the same!  Mike G.
Doug Carl
Mornin' Prez, Mike and all the rest of the Ragin' world.  Snow on the ground and cold in Ohio.  Have a great day everyone.
Charles Flanary

Good morning Julia,Mike & Doug.

Mike B
Mornin' Y'all!
I feel much better after a couple of days R&R.  Can't wait 'til March when I get to see RV&R!

Tom Alman
Good morning Ragers all!!!


Dean the Boston Boy
Hey Julia, everyone:

Hello from post-snowstorm Boston again. We will be having some more by mid-week, as well as sub-zero temperatures to look forward to.

Would someone adopt me temporarily, in Kentucky or Arizona or someplace warm? I used to be a winter perso but the charm is starting to wear off. And it's only January.
Have fun at this week's gigs, everyone!

Good Morning everyone!!!
Get back to school, Sami.
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