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Gloria Boyd
Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  I have a pray request. A lady that works as a custodian at the school were my daughter works needs extra special prayers right now.  Christmas Eve morning her home burn and they lost everything. Nobody was home. Her husband  has been in the hospital for over a month and is in very serious condition. She keeps 2  grandchildren and still  has a son at home.She and her husband have always worked 2 jobs and are great people.Our neighbor has a home that they are moving into temporary & we are rounding up furniture,food and etc. She is at the hospital sitting with her husband.
   Please pray the GOD will give them strength at this time. Oh , Christmas Eve was also this  lady's birthday. This is in Morganton NC.
 Thanks for your prayers.
Prayers are going up for the entire family.
Edward M. O'Brien

My thoughts and prayers are yours, Gloria.


I will keep them in my prayer. 


I will keep this family in my prayers.

John S

Done ... prayers are being said,and God will answer

Thanks Gloria

Prayers for entire family!

Gloria Boyd
I would like to update everyone on my pray request. This is in Morganton NC, The lady who's house burnt is Mary Shade and they are staying at the present time in a home close to us provided by our neighbor. They are doing OK. I had told about her husband Barry being in the hospital at Baptist in Winston-Salem NC in serious condition. This was due to stroke about 4 months ago that just caused him to get worst. Barry passed away Tuesday night 1-6-09 (late that night). Please continue to pray for Mary she need them desperately. It is so good to know friends will pray and lift they up (friends that we don't know personally. Thanks again .
Sharon Dalton
Can someone please list an address for Mary Shade and her family. It would be a good way to get more donations and cards to her.  Almost everyone in Burke county is an acquaintance of Mary.  She worked at "Mom's Kitchen" for several years  (and until it finally closed)and has since been employed with the school system and also @ AJ's Prime Sirloin on Bost Rd.
Gloria Boyd
Sharon, Thank you for your prayers and request for Mary's address.
 Mary Shade
 2829 Sol Mull St
 Morganton NC  28655

  This has been a very hard time on the family.Please just keep them in your prayers. Thanks 
I would like to send Mary some money but only think I could send $50.00.  Is that enough?

Gloria Boyd

Dave,   Mary would appreciate all of our prayers and cards . Mary is a very grateful person and anything that you feel lead to send to her would be appreciated. Remember its not the amount but the thought. May God richly bless you for thinking of Mary during this time in her life.

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